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After you’ve made an investment in a website, your next step is getting the word out. The whole point of you even working to have a website developed was to garner more business, right? With an average of 85% of website traffic coming from search engines, it’s critical for your website—and by translation, your business—to be ranking high on major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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With a supersaturated world-wide-web, you’re in a pool of millions of competitors, and effectively ranking for the keywords and phrases relevant to your business seems almost impossible to many business owners. In order to achieve page one rankings, and eventually #1 rankings in search results, you need a tried and tested SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to be implemented.

How We Do It

ThinkCode’s Search Engine Optimization utilizes the most effective methods of improving your SERP (search engine results page) position, with techniques tailored to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other major search engines. We distinguish ourselves from other agency by only employing “white-hat SEO” techniques, i.e., methods that are in full compliance with the terms of service of each respective search engine. We never use “black-hat” SEO techniques, to ensure your site never violates any rule or regulation of the web.

The fact is: most people do not look beyond the first page—let alone the first few results—of search engine result pages when searching. By translation, this means if your website is not on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo, you’re missing opportunities and losing business every single day.

ThinkCode’s Search Engine Optimization experts dedicate all of their efforts towards helping businesses garner, maintain and achieve online success. Every website, every business and every client of ours have their own unique niche, target audience in mind. We tailor our SEO strategies around the goal of generating our clientele more income every month.

ThinkCode’s SEO services achieves results with a clear-cut process that begins with a detailed keyword analysis, website architecture analysis, and analyses of your competitors. We develop a custom SEO strategy for your business, and our skilled New York SEO specialists get to work on improving your site’s ranking on all major search engines.

Why Choose ThinkCode as your SEO Company?

ThinkCode’s SEO services are as effective as they are because of the meticulous care and thought put into every client of ours. Attention to detail, genuine concern for your business’s success and professionalism are things you simply cannot outsource. ThinkCode’s SEO consultants are available via phone, email and live-chat to provide support, updates and insight into what we’re doing to get your website ranking #1.

What Does an SEO Campaign Include?

Because local-business SEO varies from eCommerce SEO, and blog SEO varies from landing page SEO, we tailor every search engine optimization package to your needs. That said, these are some services you can expect from ThinkCode’s New York SEO specialists:

  • Link Building: A stream of consistent, high quality backlinks to your website, landing page, product pages and more every month.
  • Local SEO (if applicable): optimized local business listings on all relevant directories including Google Places, Yelp, Yext and more.
  • Content Creation and SEO Copywriting: Optimized blog posts by our talented New York-based SEO Copywriters,  Facebook updates, Tweets, and Google+ posts tailored to bring more people to your website.
  • Landing Pages: High-quality landing pages to generate more leads for your business.
  • Email Marketing: Newsletter signup forms added to your website to capture leads, professional email template creation, newsletter copywriting and email blasts.
  • Detailed Reporting: Thorough and transparent reports to show you the progress we’ve made each month.

Interested in SEO services? Give us a call to get started: (516) 900-4660.