Web Design & Development

ThinkCode was founded around a few core ideals, among them: build beautiful, immersive, feature-rich websites that are as engaging as they are easy to navigate. We understand a universal need common to all of our clientele — the ability to manage your website after it’s developed. This is why we specialize in WordPress development.

WordPress is a powerful, dynamic content management system which powers some of the web’s most robust websites. We construct dynamic Wordpress sites with a primary focus on ROI, a return on your investment. With experience developing corporate websites, online shops (e-commerce websites), local business websites, lead-generating sites and blogs, our talented team of New York City based designers and developers will build you a beautiful site, time and time again.

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Search Engine Optimization

A common issue faced by start-ups and large corporations alike is driving traffic to their website once it’s built. There are many ways of marketing a website, but one clear-cut way of increasing your visibility online, and in turn, generating more revenue from your website is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the art of increasing your website’s visibility on the internet’s largest search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. With our SEO services, we shoot beyond the stars. Our skilled SEOs establish goals for page 1 rankings, without losing sight of our client’s bottom line. Maximizing the return on your investment through SEO is our primary priority, while offering consultations providing insight on other relevant forms of marketing.

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Brand Development & Print Design

Every successful business, regardless of its medium, is founded around a solid brand identity. Companies as prominent as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony all share one commonality — their ubiquitous presence. Their logos and brand names are recognizable in every part of the world. ThinkCode aims to bring all of our clientele the same type of infectious brand development; one that leaves a lasting impression with their audience.

Your brand’s image and identity are fundamental factors of your company’s perception in the public eye. Creative thinking melds seamlessly with our graphics design prowess to produce powerful branding and identity for your company: that is as purposeful as it is memorable. We design and print custom promotional material: from billboard advertisements to business cards, we’ll ensure your brand remains beautifully distinguished for years to come.

Content Creation & Copywriting

In order for your business to succeed in its online endeavors, you need to constantly engage your audience and customer base. This starts from the very inception of your site — the content made available to the reader on your individual webpages. Many business owners don’t realize how much content goes into creating a thorough website, and how much more is required on a regular basis to keep it relevant and updated.

ThinkCode offers affordable, scalable content creation and copywriting packages, all produced by talented, in-house, New York City based copywriters decorated with degrees in English, Journalism and Public Relations. Our experienced content creators follow our SEO best practices, in order to ensure the content written for your website will rank for relevant search queries, and increase your traffic and engagement.

Scalable Web Hosting

Web hosting is essentially “renting” space online. In order to make your website accessible by anyone in the world, you need to have your website hosted by a web services company. With countless options and new web hosting companies popping up every day, the terminology, restrictions and price points can become overwhelming. Beyond that, the quality of the service is often not suitable for your business’s needs.

A large factor in Google’s algorithms is how fast your page loads. According to an article in the New York Times, users will opt for a competitor’s website over your own, if yours takes even 250 milliseconds longer to load. That’s faster than a blink of an eye. This is why ThinkCode has partnered with a select few web hosting companies offering the fastest speeds on the web — as well as premium content delivery networks, to ensure your website loads blazing fast, worldwide. We protect all of our websites against DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks as well, and guarantee 100% uptime, always.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

A pivotal factor in your online perception is your reputation on social networks. It’s no secret that consumers imbue more trust into the establishment with a larger following versus the one without. Beyond the amount of followers, likes or connections on your various networks is an even more crucial aspect — how many of those people convert to engagements, and eventually, leads or purchases.

Our approach to online marketing campaigns sets the focal point on your conversion rate. Social media marketing improves your standing on search engines, develops your brand, sells your products, and opens floodgates of traffic to your website. We offer scalable digital marketing consulting and social media management packages to suit the needs of businesses and individuals of all sizes. We aim to not only generate new customers, but serve your current ones better, as well.

The web is constantly changing, and so are we.

In a field as innovative as ours, adaptability is essential. We direct our efforts to employing the latest technologies available in our clients’ projects.

100% Responsive Design

Responsive web design is an approach to web design where sites are built so they will dynamically scale to fill the size of the screen they are being viewed on. Your site will look just as beautiful as it does on a monitor, on your phone.

Completely Customizable

Every element on your site will be tailored and remain modifiable to your liking. From the layout, to the font, to the colors, we’ll make sure you fall in love with your business’s online storefront, time and time again.

Loaded With Power

Our designers and developers are skilled in every language and technique relevant to the web. From the most fundamental factors to all the bells & whistles your heart desires, we’ve got you covered.

Clean Modern Code

The websites produced at ThinkCode are compliant with all of the web’s current standards — we employ only the best HTML5 and CSS3 web development practices in our work. This attention to detail further bolsters our SEO success.

Search Engine Optimized

All of our sites, from their core, are built with SEO in mind. Our lead developers are skilled SEOs as well — this allows us to build web sites from the ground up that are optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo, and get them ranking on page one sooner.

Speed & Reliability

Website load times are vital to your business’s success online. That’s why we’ve partnered with a premium web hosting company, Hosterity, to offer our clientele reliable, secure and swift service: ensuring your site will never experience downtime.

I told ThinkCode to take full creative freedom and build me something I’d be proud of. They delivered. Their team wrote the copy for my website, and designed promotional posters for my physical location as well. I’m extremely pleased with their work, from the correspondence to the final product, and speed at which it was completed.

Yusuf Yassin, Owner of Interactive Tax Solutions

It's always a breath of fresh air to find people who are extremely passionate about the services they offer and the work they do, and ThinkCode is a prime example of that. Expect nothing but top notch quality designs and service from their team. We are extremely lucky to have had them design our website.

Anne Muntuerto, Owner of 22 Tango Records

My contact with the ThinkCode staff was utterly professional throughout the process of having my website built, and I really am most grateful to them for helping me in getting launched! I strongly recommend ThinkCode to anyone who needs an easily accessible, professional, well-designed web site.

Emran Chowdhury, Owner of Richdale Everett

Honest, fast-paced, clean and well-rounded. ThinkCode offered us extra advice and services, they really helped our business grow!

Jen Yuan, Founder of The Jen Yuan Themes

ThinkCode designed our website and all of our promotional material, and they currently manage our marketing efforts, including our search engine optimization. I’ve put my faith and trust in ThinkCode to handle Fruitata’s brand and image for years to come. I’d recommend their services to anyone, hands down.

Yusuf Yassin, Owner of Fruitata

ThinkCode designed our website — and what I love about them is they're super fast. Just like a NINJA!! 5 stars in my book!

Lui Colmenares, Owner of Mr. Handy NYC

Project Availability

No project is “too large” or “too small” for ThinkCode. Regardless if you’re an individual, a small, family-run business or a large, growing corporation, we’ll handle your project with the same keen attention to detail and quality, every time.

Only the Best

We pride ourselves with being able to say that all of our services are handled by in-house, New York City based employees. This allows us to meticulously monitor the quality of our work — and guarantees you get a premium service.

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