Our Process

A comprehensive look at our proprietary, six-step web design process.

Premium, But Distinct

There is a pandemic plaguing the web — boring, lackluster monotony. ThinkCode strives to counter this disease one website at a time; translating your business goals seamlessly and effectively onto beautiful online hubs. We’ve established an efficacious six-step process which begins with the very first word we utter to you. We begin each of our days around the mantra, “build relationships first, do business second.” Throughout the period we work together, we foster real connections with our clientele, taking the time to understand your objectives, and effectively relay everything we can do to further develop your brand, your business, and your goals.


Beautiful, brilliant design begins with understanding our clients’ needs. During this phase, we consult with you and your team, asking relevant questions to better understand your brand’s image, identity, niche, target demographic, project specifications and goals. We take the time to assess your objectives, and create strategies to efficiently achieve them. During this phase we build wireframes to delineate the user experience design, to ensure you’ll be pleased with your final product.


During this phase, we begin painting the canvas that will soon become your website. This is when we map out color choices, typefaces, structural elements and various interactive effects in order to efficiently and effectively communicate your goals. We’ll use design elements which are in-line with your brand’s identity and bolsters your image in the eye of the public. The design phase is a collaborative effort which necessitates your input along the way, to agree on the final product.


The second we have your final approval on the design, development commences. A functional, live mockup of your website is constructed around our custom, proprietary framework, tailored to your requirements. We employ the web’s best practices, using clean, semantic code on par with the HTML5 and CSS3 standards W3c, the World Wide Web Consortium, has established. We build your website to be lightweight, and search-engine friendly from the ground up, to further bolster our SEO efforts, and facilitate fast load times. Your website is then deployed onto a staging environment, where we rigorously test its functionality, and UX design before giving you access to test it yourself.

Content Population

Every website on the web shares a central, unifying aspect — regardless of niche or target audience — they’re content-driven. During this phase, we correspond with your team to acquire content which will populate the pages of your website. From media to literature, every single minute detail is taken into consideration; we offer services including photography, videography, graphics design and copywriting to ensure your website’s content bolsters its exceptional design. Many business owners don’t realize how much content goes into creating a thorough website, and how much more is required on a regular basis to keep it relevant and updated. We not only teach you how to manage your site after it’s complete, we offer management packages as well.


Once your website has endured thorough testing from both our team and your own, and you are happy with your final product, we deploy it from its staging area to a production environment, making it available to the general public. Immediately after, we run a few more efficacy tests to ensure everything is smooth across all devices and locations it’s being accessed from. We closely monitor site performance and traffic for the next month to ensure everything is in line with our expectations as well as yours. We strive to ensure there are no bumps in the road, but provided there are, ThinkCode offers phone and email support for any potential issues.


From the moment your site is launched, it becomes visible to Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. At its core, your website will be agreeable with their terms of service and policies — but it takes significant effort to rank highly on these search engines, especially for highly trafficked keywords and search queries. ThinkCode offers scalable search engine optimization, social media marketing and conversion rate optimization for your business to not only become more visible online, but see growth as well.

The web is constantly changing, and so are we.

In a field as innovative as ours, adaptability is essential. We direct our efforts to employing the latest technologies available in our clients’ projects.

100% Responsive Design

Responsive web design is an approach to web design where sites are built so they will dynamically scale to fill the size of the screen they are being viewed on. Your site will look just as beautiful as it does on a monitor, on your phone.

Completely Customizable

Every element on your site will be tailored and remain modifiable to your liking. From the layout, to the font, to the colors, we’ll make sure you fall in love with your business’s online storefront, time and time again.

Loaded With Power

Our designers and developers are skilled in every language and technique relevant to the web. From the most fundamental factors to all the bells & whistles your heart desires, we’ve got you covered.

Clean Modern Code

The websites produced at ThinkCode are compliant with all of the web’s current standards — we employ only the best HTML5 and CSS3 web development practices in our work. This attention to detail further bolsters our SEO success.

Search Engine Optimized

All of our sites, from their core, are built with SEO in mind. Our lead developers are skilled SEOs as well — this allows us to build web sites from the ground up that are optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo, and get them ranking on page one sooner.

Speed & Reliability

Website load times are vital to your business’s success online. That’s why we’ve partnered with a premium web hosting company, Hosterity, to offer our clientele reliable, secure and swift service: ensuring your site will never experience downtime.

I told ThinkCode to take full creative freedom and build me something I’d be proud of. They delivered. Their team wrote the copy for my website, and designed promotional posters for my physical location as well. I’m extremely pleased with their work, from the correspondence to the final product, and speed at which it was completed.

Yusuf Yassin, Owner of Interactive Tax Solutions

It's always a breath of fresh air to find people who are extremely passionate about the services they offer and the work they do, and ThinkCode is a prime example of that. Expect nothing but top notch quality designs and service from their team. We are extremely lucky to have had them design our website.

Anne Muntuerto, Owner of 22 Tango Records

My contact with the ThinkCode staff was utterly professional throughout the process of having my website built, and I really am most grateful to them for helping me in getting launched! I strongly recommend ThinkCode to anyone who needs an easily accessible, professional, well-designed web site.

Emran Chowdhury, Owner of Richdale Everett

ThinkCode designed our website and all of our promotional material, and they currently manage our marketing efforts, including our search engine optimization. I’ve put my faith and trust in ThinkCode to handle Fruitata’s brand and image for years to come. I’d recommend their services to anyone, hands down.

Yusuf Yassin, Owner of Fruitata

ThinkCode designed our website — and what I love about them is they're super fast. Just like a NINJA!! 5 stars in my book!

Lui Colmenares, Owner of Mr. Handy NYC

Honest, fast-paced, clean and well-rounded. ThinkCode offered us extra advice and services, they really helped our business grow!

Jen Yuan, Founder of The Jen Yuan Themes

Project Availability

No project is “too large” or “too small” for ThinkCode. Regardless if you’re an individual, a small, family-run business or a large, growing corporation, we’ll handle your project with the same keen attention to detail and quality, every time.

Only the Best

We pride ourselves with being able to say that all of our services are handled by in-house, New York City based employees. This allows us to meticulously monitor the quality of our work — and guarantees you get a premium service.

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