Homebrewed Music Straight Out of the Pacific

22 Tango Records is an independent record label based in Cebu, Philippines that is home to some of Cebu’s most talented musicians and songwriters. With their recent successes and growth over the years, the next logical move was to extend their reach to the web… so they contacted ThinkCode, 12 time zones and 8,730 miles away, to build their website.

Customization is Everything

One of the best parts of 22 Tango Records’ website is the fact that they wanted to deviate from the norm, and make it their own. They explained various objectives they wanted to achieve — such as having a live Instagram feed on their homepage, and being able to collect email addresses into a mailing list — and we made them happen.

Responsive Web Design

At the core of every website ThinkCode produces is a responsive framework, which allows sites to look just as beautiful on your tablet or phone, as they do on your computer. 22 Tango Records’ website is a prime example of this principle.

Back-End Customizations

22 Tango Records described various tasks they were trying to achieve, and our developers did the rest. They wanted to feature their Instagram shots on their homepage without having to manually upload them, and we got right on it. If it’s feasible, we’ll make it happen.

AJAX Newsletter Subscription

AJAX is a web technology that allows for processing of data in the background, in an effort to improve a user’s experience. We created a newsletter subscription form that integrates directly with MailChimp — the industry standard for email marketing — and ensured the page didn’t even have to reload for a user to know they were successfully subscribed.

Custom Twitter Feed

22 Tango Records is run by a set of extremely social creatives — and as such, we wanted to ensure all of their networks were highlighted right on their website. We authenticated with Twitter, grabbed their feed and styled it to match their website — no need for Twitter’s unsightly timeline widget.

Phone Support Hours

ThinkCode has been a joy to work with from start to finish. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable about web design, social media marketing and pretty much anything pertaining to the World Wide Web. If they don't know something, they know someone who does, and are always willing to help! From the initial stages of planning the design, you can tell from the get go that they knows what they're talking about. They make great recommendations and are always open to new ideas and suggestions. They make you feel right away that the goals you have for your site are in their best interest, and never suggest anything that doesn't seem to make sense. If certain ideas won't work for your site, they're always open to discussing available options, and work hard to find the best solution within your budget. Very straightforward and upfront with pricing, what works and what doesn't. Turnaround time was fast, and no time was wasted constructing the site. When they say they're available for troubleshooting or any questions you may have, they mean it! Even after the site has been up and running, they always make an effort to ensure everything is working as it should. It's always a breath of fresh air to find people extremely passionate about the services they offer and the work they do, and ThinkCode is one of those groups. Expect nothing but top notch quality designs and service from their team. We are extremely lucky to have had them design our website.

Anne Muntuerto, Owner of 22 Tango Records

Throughout the design process
we ensured that every element
would serve a purpose to benefit
a user's experience.

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