Our Handiest Client

Mr. Handy NYC is a collective of multi-faceted individuals with years of experience in a wide array of skill-sets. They specialize in office and apartment renovations, furniture assembly, painting, lighting, flooring, carpeting… you name it!

Our Approach

The owner of Mr. Handy NYC approached ThinkCode for a simple, but distinct website, on a budget. We gave them a consultation, discussed what we could include within their budget, how we could configure their website to save them money, and what they’d need to provide us with. A week later, they had a brand spanking new website!

Responsive Web Design

At the core of every website ThinkCode produces is a responsive framework, which allows sites to look just as beautiful on your tablet or phone, as they do on your computer. Mr. Handy NYC’s website is a prime example of this principle.


We provided Mr. Handy NYC with an outline of the various content areas and what we’d need written, and upon receiving it, we edited their content with marketability and SEO in mind.

AJAX Contact Form

AJAX is a web technology that allows for processing of data in the background, in an effort to improve a user’s experience. We created a gorgeous contact form, and ensured the page didn’t even have to reload for a user to have their message sent. It even greets the user by their name!

jQuery Lightbox Gallery

Mr. Handy NYC wanted to show off their work in style — so we crafted a beautiful, interactive gallery to house photos of their work, with the option for thumbnails, and even a full-screen mode. We ensured the gallery functioned just as seamlessly on mobile devices, too!

Screws Screwed
Tiles Laid
Phone Support Hours
Lines of Code

ThinkCode designed our website — and what I love about them is they're super fast. Just like a NINJA!! 5 stars in my book!

Lui Colmenares, Owner of Mr. Handy NYC

We built the framework of Mr. Handy NYC's
website to adapt fluidly to any screen-size
or resolution, and it shows.

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