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Jen Yuan is one of Tumblr’s leading premium theme designers, with over 40 premium themes in the Tumblr theme garden! His themes are responsive, interactive, clean and modern — much like ours. So what would he need us for? Read on.

Our Approach

Jen first reached out to us for a web hosting solution, and we referred him to our partner company, Hosterity, for that. But soon after, he began adding extra functionality to his themes, and needed someone to do the back-end work. ThinkCode’s scripts are implemented in each and every one of Jen’s themes, and his website.

Custom Back-End Work

Our scripts are integrated into all of Jen Yuan’s premium Tumblr themes. We power his Instagram Feed implementation, enabling users to display their Instagram feeds on various parts of their Tumblogs. Tumblr disallows PHP, so our solution is coded entirely in JavaScript and jQuery.

Instagram API Authentication

In order to pull a user’s Instagram Feed, they must first authenticate with Instagram. We created a custom application with Instagram’s developer tools, and direct all of his theme users to authenticate their accounts with it. Then they are redirected to his help page, where their access token and user ID are provided to them.

AJAX Contact Forms

AJAX is a web technology that allows for processing of data in the background, in an effort to improve a user’s experience. We created three contact forms for Jen Yuan’s website, where users can send him emails, and even upload screenshots, all within a modal popup, and all without their page reloading. The processing of each form is independent of one another, and they all offer CSRF protection.

Premium Web Hosting

Jen Yuan hosts his site on our partner company, Hosterity, to ensure it remains online, even with the volume of traffic he receives.

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Honest, fast-paced, clean and well-rounded. ThinkCode offered us extra advice and services, they really helped our business grow!

Jen Yuan, Founder of The Jen Yuan Themes

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