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Chelsea Soto

Ultravisual iOS App

9 Essential Mobile Apps for Creatives

By | Design, Tech

These days our smartphones help us complete all sorts of tasks—from the mundane to the very complex. There are apps that track your fitness, your sleep, apps to help you organize everything from your schedule to your refrigerator, apps that tell you what to wear, apps that keep you on top of the news, but what about apps for creativity? Surely technology has no place in that enigmatic, often esoteric place in your brain where creativity is born? And yet, here we are. The advent of the smartphone has streamlined so many aspects of our life—why not the creative process? The following 10 apps can help you power through your creative block and get your next project to completion a whole lot faster.

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6 Stunning Office Designs That Activate the Imagination

By | Business, Tech

Long gone are the days of the traditional office. The word office once conjured up drab, grey images of employees listlessly typing away at their computer screens. These days, collaborative workspaces are all the rage—for good reason. “Two brains are better than one,” is not just an old adage repeated by teachers the world over in an attempt to encourage group work. The most successful companies have taken the advice to heart, and combined open workspaces with fun and playful design, to create offices that inspire the creative mind. From the slides in the employee lounge at Google New York, to Seglas Cano’s office in the woods, this list will inspire you to rethink employers.

Check out six of the most creative office designs around the world after the jump!

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