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The Interview Is Available Online RIGHT NOW!

By | Business, Marketing, Web

The Interview has been subject to much controversy over the past few weeks, in the wake of a massive cyberattack against Sony. The cyberattacks—originally “confirmed” by the FBI to have originated in North Korea—resulted in the leaking of tons of confidential information, personal details and emails. The cyberattacks were subsequently followed by terrorist threats against Sony and any theater on board to show the controversial comedy, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

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Get 3 Months of Spotify Premium for 99 Cents!

By | Business, Marketing, Tech

When Spotify made its U.S. debut in 2011, I was pretty skeptical of how well it’d do here. With dozens of free music streaming options which run right in the browser (read: YouTube, Vevo, SoundCloud), why would anyone want to install another application? How well would it integrate with our existing music libraries? Could Spotify ever replace iTunes?

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Let Her Code with Elsa and Anna

By | Business, Education, Tech is using the popular Frozen heroines, Elsa and Anna, to bridge the gender gap in computer programming with a coding tutorial that teaches young girls basic coding concepts in about an hour, and lets you “create snowflakes and patterns as you ice-skate and make a winter wonderland that you can then share with your friends.”

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Facebook, Box and Pinterest Support New Tech Mentorship Program for Women

By | Business, Tech, Web

Last Wednesday at the Grace Hopper Conference, Facebook, Box and Pinterest announced they would be joining together and launching a brand new pilot mentorship program called WEST—Women Entering and Staying in Tech. The ideal goal of the program is to provide women interested in careers within the technology industry with one-on-one mentorship. The mentorship program will do so by providing support, advocacy and community development which will give women the resources needed to build successful careers in technology. The program will be able to do so by having female staffers from each of the above companies serve as mentors for the women who sign up.

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6 Stunning Office Designs That Activate the Imagination

By | Business, Tech

Long gone are the days of the traditional office. The word office once conjured up drab, grey images of employees listlessly typing away at their computer screens. These days, collaborative workspaces are all the rage—for good reason. “Two brains are better than one,” is not just an old adage repeated by teachers the world over in an attempt to encourage group work. The most successful companies have taken the advice to heart, and combined open workspaces with fun and playful design, to create offices that inspire the creative mind. From the slides in the employee lounge at Google New York, to Seglas Cano’s office in the woods, this list will inspire you to rethink employers.

Check out six of the most creative office designs around the world after the jump!

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Apple Pay Launched Monday | Where You Can Use It

By | Business, Tech

This week marks the official launch of Apple Pay. It made its U.S. debut this Monday, October 21st, 2014. For those unfamiliar with Apple Pay, it is the new mobile payment program for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners. With Apple Pay, users have the ability to make purchases simply by pointing their phone to the Apply Pay reader while holding the TouchID fingerprint sensor.

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