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Hello Barbie: Children’s Privacy Advocates Demand a Goodbye

By | Marketing, Tech | No Comments

Toy-makers at Mattel are attempting to revive the company’s sinking sales with the newest addition to the Barbie line: Hello Barbie. Mattel has brought Barbie to life with voice-recognition software by their San-Fransico based startup partner, ToyTalk, that will allow her to hold two-way, unique conversations with the child playing with her, as she “learns” more about the child.

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Anthem Hack: Obama Takes Action at Cyber Security Summit

By | Tech, Web | No Comments

In the wake of the Anthem hack, President Barack Obama signed an executive order urging private companies to work together and share information regarding cyber threats with the government.

At Stanford University, Obama said, “much of our critical infrastructure, our financial systems, our power grid, are connected” to the Internet, which creates “new points of vulnerability we didn’t have before.”

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Let Her Code with Elsa and Anna

By | Business, Education, Tech | No Comments

Code.org is using the popular Frozen heroines, Elsa and Anna, to bridge the gender gap in computer programming with a coding tutorial that teaches young girls basic coding concepts in about an hour, and lets you “create snowflakes and patterns as you ice-skate and make a winter wonderland that you can then share with your friends.”

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Ultravisual iOS App

9 Essential Mobile Apps for Creatives

By | Design, Tech | No Comments

These days our smartphones help us complete all sorts of tasks—from the mundane to the very complex. There are apps that track your fitness, your sleep, apps to help you organize everything from your schedule to your refrigerator, apps that tell you what to wear, apps that keep you on top of the news, but what about apps for creativity? Surely technology has no place in that enigmatic, often esoteric place in your brain where creativity is born? And yet, here we are. The advent of the smartphone has streamlined so many aspects of our life—why not the creative process? The following 10 apps can help you power through your creative block and get your next project to completion a whole lot faster.

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Facebook, Box and Pinterest Support New Tech Mentorship Program for Women

By | Business, Tech, Web | No Comments

Last Wednesday at the Grace Hopper Conference, Facebook, Box and Pinterest announced they would be joining together and launching a brand new pilot mentorship program called WEST—Women Entering and Staying in Tech. The ideal goal of the program is to provide women interested in careers within the technology industry with one-on-one mentorship. The mentorship program will do so by providing support, advocacy and community development which will give women the resources needed to build successful careers in technology. The program will be able to do so by having female staffers from each of the above companies serve as mentors for the women who sign up.

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