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7 Great Tools For Entrepreneurs on the Move

By | Business, Tech, Web

As an entrepreneur, just getting through the day can be quite a struggle. Between endless phone calls, inboxes flooding with e-mails and scheduling business meetings, you simply don’t have the time or luxury to sit down in an office to deal with these logistics. Since you’re consistently on the go, your phone is your office. So to make life a little less hectic, here are a few apps that will help you maintain your priorities, and possibly preserve your sanity.

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ThinkCode iOS App

ThinkCode’s Official App Hits The App Store!

By | Tech, Web

We’re proud to announce that ThinkCode’s official iOS App has just been approved by the App Store! If we built your website using our CMS, you’ll be able to login with the credentials we’ve provided you upon completion of your website, just like you would on your computer, right on your iOS device running iOS 7 or higher!

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Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch is More than Just a Smartwatch

By | Tech

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, introduced more than just the latest addition to iPhone line up at the Apple Keynote on Tuesday. He revealed that “the next chapter in Apple’s Story,” the revolutionary Apple Watch, will launch early 2015.

The official Apple Watch trailer features a ten-second time-lapse of our world from space before an Apple Watch—larger than the size of the globe—immediately overshadowing it; as if to imply this revolutionary device is greater than our world. The trailer proceeds to highlight the sleek construction of the watch for the rest of the clip, with shots at different angles of the “digital crown,” the screen, and different strap options, which speak to personal style.

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[Video] iPhone 6 Leak: The Final iPhone 6 to be Announced Tomorrow

By | Tech

A video which may be of the iPhone 6

…just leaked online, showing off its size, features and more. The original video was released in Chinese, but was translated to English in this video by the good folks over at AskMen.

Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 6 tomorrow at its event in Cupertino, California. They will be live-streaming their keynote on their website, as well as on every iOS device with an active data/Wi-Fi connection at 1PM Eastern Time!

You can read about what to expect here.

What are your thoughts?

Mockup of iPhone 6

iPhone 6: 6 Features to Expect from Apple’s New Flagship iPhone

By | Tech

Apple has set up a countdown last Thursday on its website to the special unveiling of its much anticipated products. On the day of the event, keynote speeches from CEO Tim Cook, Senior Vice Presidents Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, and Phil Schiller will be webcast live on the Apple website and through iTunes on any iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Cook will take to the stage of the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, where Steve Jobs unveiled the first Apple Macintosh computer in 1984, to announce the iPhone 6 and the company’s new wearable computer, iWatch, on Tuesday, September 9th at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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Top Browser Extensions For Ultimate Web Browsing

By | Tech, Web

It wouldn’t be a leap to say that anyone reading this is technologically adept – some more than others — but we can all use a little help here and there.

Regardless of your web browser of choice: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari — ranking 1st, 2nd, and 4th, respectively on based on performance and user satisfaction — extensions are available to offer end users enhancements on the user interface, and lend increased functionality to the browser.

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The Evolution of Minimalist Design

By | Web

We are all familiar with the growing trend of “simple is better,” “less is more,” white space minimalistic web designs. It has taken over our popular go-to websites whether you’ve noticed it or not. So why is it all the rage?

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