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Sarah Aly

Hello Barbie: Children’s Privacy Advocates Demand a Goodbye

By | Marketing, Tech

Toy-makers at Mattel are attempting to revive the company’s sinking sales with the newest addition to the Barbie line: Hello Barbie. Mattel has brought Barbie to life with voice-recognition software by their San-Fransico based startup partner, ToyTalk, that will allow her to hold two-way, unique conversations with the child playing with her, as she “learns” more about the child.

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Anthem Hack: Obama Takes Action at Cyber Security Summit

By | Tech, Web

In the wake of the Anthem hack, President Barack Obama signed an executive order urging private companies to work together and share information regarding cyber threats with the government.

At Stanford University, Obama said, “much of our critical infrastructure, our financial systems, our power grid, are connected” to the Internet, which creates “new points of vulnerability we didn’t have before.”

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Let Her Code with Elsa and Anna

By | Business, Education, Tech is using the popular Frozen heroines, Elsa and Anna, to bridge the gender gap in computer programming with a coding tutorial that teaches young girls basic coding concepts in about an hour, and lets you “create snowflakes and patterns as you ice-skate and make a winter wonderland that you can then share with your friends.”

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Cyber Security Scurries to Patch Bash Bug

By | Tech, Web

Last Wednesday, security researcher, Stéphane Chazelas discovered a security vulnerability in the command line shell, GNU Bourne Again Shell—more commonly known as Bash. The bug, dubbed Shellshock, appears to be affecting Unix-based operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X, as well as webservers running any version of Bash. Every version of Bash’s 25 year-old life span, including version 4.3, appears to be vulnerable.

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iOS 8

5 New Features iOS 8 Brought to Apple’s Lineup

By | Tech

Apple launched its newest mobile operating system update, iOS 8, two days before the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Fans can now get their hands on more than just the latest iPhone, and they don’t have to wait in line for it.

iOS 8 is available for download on any iPhone from the iPhone 4S onward, the iPod touch (5th generation), and all models of the iPad, excluding the original iPad.

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Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch is More than Just a Smartwatch

By | Tech

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, introduced more than just the latest addition to iPhone line up at the Apple Keynote on Tuesday. He revealed that “the next chapter in Apple’s Story,” the revolutionary Apple Watch, will launch early 2015.

The official Apple Watch trailer features a ten-second time-lapse of our world from space before an Apple Watch—larger than the size of the globe—immediately overshadowing it; as if to imply this revolutionary device is greater than our world. The trailer proceeds to highlight the sleek construction of the watch for the rest of the clip, with shots at different angles of the “digital crown,” the screen, and different strap options, which speak to personal style.

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Mockup of iPhone 6

iPhone 6: 6 Features to Expect from Apple’s New Flagship iPhone

By | Tech

Apple has set up a countdown last Thursday on its website to the special unveiling of its much anticipated products. On the day of the event, keynote speeches from CEO Tim Cook, Senior Vice Presidents Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue, and Phil Schiller will be webcast live on the Apple website and through iTunes on any iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Cook will take to the stage of the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, where Steve Jobs unveiled the first Apple Macintosh computer in 1984, to announce the iPhone 6 and the company’s new wearable computer, iWatch, on Tuesday, September 9th at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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